Peggy The Pirate - Game

A Phaser 3, JavaScript web-based animated, 2-D Platformer game

Programmed and Developed by Jonathan Cope, Angelo Gomez, and Melanie Klock
Art and Music Scoring by Jonathan Cope

Mystery Mart - MiniGame

A WebGL Game Design and Level Design Project (Unity and C#)

Mood Music

An interactive AR*-Like Virtual Exhibit in a Real Space

Made with Unity Engine and Unity Standard Assets. Other Assets and Sources are listed in the link below.


A Processing Project (Python)
(Without the audio)

Bouncing Logo

A Processing Project (Java)
(Without the audio)

Random Bubbles

A Processing Project (Java and JavaScript)

Little code. Lots of bubbles.

Welcome Recruiters!

University of Texas at Austin

M.S. in Information Technology & Management | May 2022 (McCombs School of Business)

B.S. in Arts & Entertainment Technologies | May 2021 | Cumulative 3.95 / 4 GPA

Experience: Mobile and Game Development • Software Engineering • Web Design and Development • UI/UX Design • VR

Top 3 Personality Traits: Problem-Solver • Over-Achiever • Future-Focused

Programming Language Experience: C# • JS • Python • Swift • Kotlin • Java • HTML • CSS

Quick Access Resources: